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Bahumet3's App for mod

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1 Bahumet3's App for mod on Sat Sep 19, 2009 12:01 pm


Important Questions

Why do you want to be Moderator?

Because i could help the community and all the people that need help im a real nice guy and i think im funny not sure but i love this private sever and i wanna help it by getting more players and helping everybody and being funny

What have you done on Powerscape to make it better?

i helped some people that needed help and i havent asked for money or items and i halped some people learn how to to work the teles and how to make money and i also stop people from argueing over stupis things like 1 item pk

what will you do as a Moderator, including Moderator Powers?

i will stop people from breaking rules and help people that need help and continue my powerscape life and ill stop arguements sort out peoples problems and be funny at the same time and jail rule breakers and sort out problems

Have you ever been a Mod, Admin, Owner or Owned a Server, and explain what you did as that role in the server?Who would Recommend you to become a Moderator?

yes ive been a mod for 3 severs and i helped all of them alot i palyed 24/7 visted all the forums sorted out problems helped players and jailed rule breakers and helped new players that needed it i reckon lots of people would recommend me because im a nice,helping,caring person oh and funny

Why should you get Moderator over someone else?

because i may have more expirence and i never give up and i also love this sever heaps and i have proir expirence at pickley scape and and ritzscape but i reckon this sver is better

Quick Questions

How old are you?


Powerscape Username?


have you ever broken a rule explain?

um no i havent but if helping lots of people out is a rule well then ive been very naughty

Average time spent on Server?

well after school i always come on every day and on weekends ill spend up to 7 hours maybe if i can because i love the sever that much but i do have a life because i go to school and i have a girl friend and mates im not nerd

will you be active on our forums?

yes i will i come on forums everytime i go on power scape and thats like every day if i can

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