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gardengnome's app

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1 gardengnome's app on Thu Jul 02, 2009 11:42 pm

Why do you want to be Moderator?
I want to be a mod because i want to help new players and increase the size of people playing
What have you done on Powerscape to make it better?
I have recruited new players to the server and i have also helped people who were new to the server
What will you do as a Moderator, including Moderator Powers?
I will try to make people happy
I will help people out
I will get more players to play
I will kick people who need to be kicked for spamming, or being abusive to other players

Have you ever been a Mod, Admin, Owner or Owned a Server, and explain what you did as that role in the server?
I have not been a Mod, Admin, Co-Owned or owned a server
Who would Recommend you to become a Moderator?
Darkmaste77 recommended me to become a Mod
Why should you get Moderator over someone else?
I should get Mod over someone else because i wont abuse Mod powers
I will help people as much as i can and will help make the best server better

I am 15 years old
My powerscape username is gardengnome
I have never broken a rule
Average time on powerscape is 3-4 hours depending on my mood
I will be active on the forums
I have played powerscape for 3-4 weeks
I did make my client account before i made my forum account

My hobbies are sports and games
I am a very happy person and dont get angered very easily

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