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Rules on Selling: Read Before!!

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1 Rules on Selling: Read Before!! on Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:42 am

When Selling you must supply the players with enough information about the item:

* If you have a different powerscape server name than your forum then you will need to add
that into your offer.

* You must write the item u for sale and the price you want to sell it for.

* Then you and fellow players can merchant the prices until you have decided.

* To help with this you will put a minimun price and the buyers can increase the offer each time.

* You must say if you want full cash, cash and items or just items!

* The auction can last as long as you like it until the item has been bought.

* Once the item has been sold edit the Subject and add [SOLD] infront of it.
* If you have removed the item from auction add [CLOSED] in he Subject.

We will check for scammers but i doubt someone is that stupid.
If you get caught scamming i will PERSONALLY ban you!

Thx, happy bidding Smile


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2 Re: Rules on Selling: Read Before!! on Mon Jun 29, 2009 12:49 pm

My Names Raved up and im a goody two shoes.

He wrote it out similar to urs and I changed it. It is not like a "Auction" its just the same way to sell something.
Its alot easier to allow players to set their own time and end it when they like, no an item is not gonna go up
constantly unless their are stupid bidders, and tha just lets te seller get more money. He can DECIDE to close
when ever he likes to, its up to the bidder and the seller to decide.
Running an x days auction is tomuch hassle and u gtta set up alot more when it miles easier and better to let the sellers decide

Ok agree? Case Closed.

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