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Staff Voting Rules

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1 Staff Voting Rules on Sun Jun 14, 2009 9:45 pm


I have come up with a new way of deciding staff.

This allows all plyers to be involved of the application but with stricer posting rules.

Our Total Staff Count will be increased dramaticly with this new way.

Anyone can apply for any role, except Admin which requires u to be mod still.

It will b decided using Voting rules.

To acheive the applicaion goal you will now need 8 Points.

they can be added and removed by fellow players, if you receive -6 point your app will be canceled.

For example if you get +4 points and -2, your total will now be +2 [++/--], and you will need +6 more to get accepted or -4 to be denied.
The - cancel out the + but the + dnt cancel out the -

Table of commands

-Support Members Moderators Administrators Owners
-Unsupport Members Moderators Administrators Owners
+/- 1 Moderators Administrators Owners
+/- 2 Administrators Owners
-Confirm Owners
-Cancel Owners

Normal Members can -Support and -unsupport but this wont add or remove points, but give the staff
an idea of what to do.

When a application receives a +1 it will be added into the app title

Example - [+]Pantha Application

If i then receive -2 it will become [-]Pantha Application

The 2 x - canceled out the +.

Example say i was on +7 [+++++++]Pantha Application
Then i got -3 by an admin, i would be +4 [++++/---]Pantha Applicaton

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