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Rules of the Server

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1 Rules of the Server on Tue May 05, 2009 6:21 pm


This also applies for the chatbox!

1. Please Read and follow the instructions either in annoucements or stickies on each forum area before posting.

2. Spamming is strictly forbidden, this includes sending multiple messages to another player, and flooding for attention.

3. You are not allowed to beg for a Staff position or any other rank. This also includes suggesting someone for a rank. If administrators think you a worthy of a position they will contact you not the other way around. asking for positions will only lower your chance of getting it.

4. Do not post unsafe links to any kind of website, this includes pornography and virus. doing so will result in a harsh punishment.

5. All links must not include harmful content, even if you are asked by someone it is strictly forbidden. You can only submit links when you have authority from a Administrator. Helpful or not this is a serious issue. Also do not give out links to other communities as this will be dealt by a permanent ban.

6. It is forbidden to use any offensive, racist, abusive, violent or foul language in any shape or form. If anything you say can be taken into offense by others then you will have severe action taken against you with no defense depending on how offensive your statement was. The only time you can use cursing is when you are telling a joke, or it is aimed at no one in particular.

7. Do not encourage others to break rules or annoy others to make them break the rules. This is strictly not allowed, and will not be tolerated.

8. Respect all staff members decisions, and follow the orders of forum moderators, global moderators, and admins. If you disagree with a staff member's decision, you may argue back but only to back up the point you have, any other arguement will not be tolerated.

9. Do not publicly discuss the state of specific banned members (eg. asking why they're banned, demanding them to be unbanned, etc). It's best to PM a moderator+ with any question concerning a banned member.

10. Do not advertise your server here. Only Powerscape can be advertised. [Videos and cool stuff]

11. [Moderaters only] DO NOT under any cercomstance ban someone for no reason, only if someone repeatably breaks the rules you may ban them from the server and chat box, forum moderators, DO NOT delete posts unless you must, just lock the topic and remove the explicit content.

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