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Read this before applying *Moderator Sample Application Included*

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You can Apply to become a Moderator in this Forum.
Dont be upset if you do not gain Moderator.

To be considered you must have played for over 2 weeks.

People should use there presentational skills and make there app look like took longer than 30 secs, you can do anything to impress the judges, but must stick to the questions asked at the end of your app.

In a seperate topic with a poll asking yes for mod?; no for mod?

Important Questions

Why do you want to be Moderator?
What have you done on Powerscape to make it better?
What will you do as a Moderator, including Moderator Powers?
Have you ever been a Mod, Admin, Owner or Owned a Server, and explain what you did as that role in the server?Who would Recommend you to become a Moderator?
Why should you get Moderator over someone else?

Quick Questions

How old are you?
Powerscape Username?
Have you ever broken a rule? Explain
Average time spent on Server?
Will you be active on our forums?
How long have you been playing Powerscape for?

Remember to answer the Important Questions in detail and the quick questions how ever you like.

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